Makuta Horribad(Visual Repurpose from another MOC)

Like Makuta Terribad, but more silver, and worse, in terms of evilness, with more custom

His backpack fold out to reveal bug wings and stinger tail

Inika Build comparison


He looks pretty Dandy

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What the heck is on his faace? It looks awesome, but I've never seen that part before.

The trans green part? Or just the piece I used for the mask?

he mask

its black phantoms aracnix drone.

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Oh, that makes sense then. Never got any HF sets past wave one (where for some reason I got all the sets)

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its terribad

That's pretty cool looking smile
What's it for?

Well, we had Makuta Terribad, which was worse than awful, but now we have Makuta Horribad, who is worse than Terribad.

No real reason.

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So you finally got around to it! Good job. Ironically, it looks better than Terribad!

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dat back tho thumbsup

Overall this is pretty good! The face doesn't quite look right to me, but it's not bad. (or should I say, it's not TERRIBAD)

This looks terribawful


I feel much loved for the helpful criticism o n teh mooc. What else from Invictus is there to expect?

Of course we must take everything he says at face-value. 8D

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what do you want from me

if you want real critique i guess the knees look way too far down the leg and the arms seem pretty long but that's how bionicle tends to be in general, also claw feet look really tiny

Oh, no, actually, I was just attempting to indicate that I am not ignorant to the ways of your analyses.

I do thank you for the additional comments, though. ^^

I certainly agree with all of them, but yeah, sorry if that came off as bitter or spiteful in any way, it wasn't supposed to. >.<.

I try to indicate lack of spite, or just a joking behavior with the 8D emote. >.>

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I like his stinger tail.

Actually, I just double checked, and Bionicle is the trope namer for the "Beware my Stinger Tail" trope.

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nah, you're good, i wasn't really being serious with "what do you want from me" other than you pointed out more or less the lack of actual criticism stuck_out_tongue

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This is actually cool. I like the look of it.

@Ekorak Thanks

Also, surprised no one's commented on the mismatched arms, and the random yellow on one elbow. XD