Makuta Ivness (2K15 v. and beyond)


Once a regular member of Miserix' makuta order, Ivness was a loyal and powerful makuta, and much more passionate about the matoran, not minding being ignored. However, some time after the seven kingdoms fell, Ivness procurred a rare mutation that caused her much pain. Her brothers and sisters, worried, set her within a hybernation and hid her away in one of their hide-outs

Within the main universe, it is unknown what happens to her, as the base she was held at was inpenetrable. What is known, however, was that JMP and Vent/Sentinel VX ventured into the GSR and, like looking around one of the many islands, found the base and got through it quickly, finding Ivness.

After her awakening and introductions, Ivness discovered that the mutation had somehow allowed her to remain mostly bio-mechanical, with some bits of antidermis liquid and gasses in her. Venturing out, she joined JMP's group in order to get along with the matoran and help her saviors in defending the land...

Meh, headcanon, if you hate it I don't mind

Anyway onto the moc: I upgraded her recently and then upgraded her like yesterday. However, she ended up being different. I had to change the knee-caps as they were sorta lame. I also changed her torso to differentiate her from her original incarnation and added more white to go with the iniki head I used as her mask, which wasn't a very wise choice I guess


and with her dual blades

critique and comment! Also I'll post any upgrades I do to her on this topic


Very nice. Creative head design.

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Cool MOC! The CCBS shells really do flow with the rest of the MOC, and the usage of the Inika face is great too. One thing I'm not sure about is the distribution of the silver, as it is only apparent on her knees and scarcely near her waist area.

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... wat?

I like it, maybe needs a little more white though.


to clarify, impenetrable by most means. Sure a powerful makuta/dark hunter or a skilled team of toa can get in. Factor in that JMP can turn into a 2 bios tall mech with many powerful weapons and Sentinel's a heroic and skilled fighter...yeah they can break through most things

Goodbye, any hope of a balance character.


You put this on your MoC Topic!
I'll kill you!!

I think the main problem this MOC has is with distribution of silver. There's a lot of it in the knees, some in the waist, and none anywhere else. Same sorta thing goes for white, which is concentrated on the back. I think you should get rid of one of those two colors, and then take the other one and spread it out. That, and find a better type of armor for the thighs that actually covers them.

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I'm going to be honest and say that I really don't like the head, but otherwise this is pretty nice!

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