Makuta Ivness: Origin Form(Mk 4?) And Updates to Mk 3

unrelated to current BoM community affairs

I present the original form to the one forced into stasis, Ivness Herself

yeah, unlike her current self, she was like any other Makuta; Indifferent and a little mean, though eventually she warmed up to the Matoran, despite her body’s break down

And ofcourse, she can go Wingless:

And then I kept her previous, “Modern” form, though the newer form seems much more elegant and better

Critique and Comment~!


The mask you used on this ivness doesn’t work for a female character
I dislike the lower arms too
but overall its a pretty solid build

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I like the look of this new form, the mask definitely gives it a more menacing vibe.

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Nice! not sure about her…ehm…chest. But it works I guess.


Really nice. I like the mask and the overall look. Even the colors look great. A huge improvement over the previous version.

The only thing that’s bugging me is the upper-chest area, the Technic beams on the bottom stick out and there’s an odd gap around the shoulders.

Overall I think this is very well done, great work.


this one steamrolls the old one.

I got to admit both Ivness Mk 4 and 3 look better.
Really like Ivness Mk 4 especially.

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Looks really smooth

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