Makuta Kitra and Makuta Ta-Lon

Hey guys it’s me Gwideon and Today I bring you some Makuta mocs. I have no backstory for them so suggestions are welcome. Any way let’s get into them.

Makuta Kitra

This female makuta uses a custom torso and custom upper legs.

A side shot of. You can see the sides of legs from here.

A back shot. I used shorter axles to attach her arms to give her thinner shoulders.

A action shot

Makuta Ta-Lon

A front shot. I tried to give this moc a gunslinger look

A side shot. You can see the guns side.

A back shot.

A action shot.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment and stay awesome.


Guns? In my BIONICLE?

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Hey I made the First Kitra

Sorry. Had no idea. @Whaddon