Makuta Kojol

Makuta Kojol is ready to do anything to recover the mask of Light. Like the other makuta, its ribs are apparent. He’s about 10 inches tall (31 cm). His favorite weapon is his double sickle.


Neat weapon idea, and cool design for a custom build. He is very imposing and yet keeps a certain confident, intelligent poise. I’m curious, what would you imagine his mask power to be? I’m always interested in seeing how other people depict certain characters’ powers and abilities.


:thinking:Kojol is the makuta of Artakha, so he must have powers to protect artakha. An excellent power would be to erase the memory of the people it touches. Another cool power would be to block all the powers. Either he sees people and they block the powers of their masks for five or ten minutes. Either when he uses the power of his mask, it blocks all the powers, whether they are masks and elemental of everyone (enemies like ally and himself) for 10 minutes. That would explain why artakha sent rahi to defend his island and that it was he who retrieved the mask of light without fear. That would make him a true warrior as nectan who wants no power during his battles and only see the true strength of his opponents.:smiling_imp:


Wow, this whole thing is awesome. I made a Tridax MOC a while ago that looked a bit like this–it even used the Kalmah foot as a chest. This is much better, though. The head, foot, and weapon designs are great!

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The custom head is great, but the limbs could use some work.