Makuta Light Sensitivity?

How sensitive are the Makuta to normal levels of ambient light?

I never got the impression that was a major area of vulnerability.

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Yeah, makes sense, the Karda Nui Makuta never really complained much about the ambient light in Karda Nui. So, I presume that means that light, like the energies of the Mask of Light when Mata Nui was revived, or like Takanuva's light blasts has to be either extremely intense or more powerful/focused to affect them?

Takanuva basically made lasers, and the mask of light was producing enough energy to revive a universe. So I assume that those are pretty devastating.

Umh. No, the Mask of Light can't revive a universe. Technically the entire light part of the mask is useless to Takanuva since it'd be the same as his own Elemental light power.

Dang it, read it as mask of life.... I think that was what he was trying to reference, since the light from it blinded some Makuta

Not really, since it allows him to sense moral light and also probably boosts his own light powers.

This is true, it does give him the ability to sense moral light. It also has the ability to cast a beam of light as seen in the Mask of Light movie, similair to the Great Ruru, aswell as give him the power to give peace and understanding to those around him. The mask does not by any means amplify his elemental light powers though. If he was to lose his elemental powers, the mask would allow him to control light however I would imagine it'd be much more limited than the Toa elemental powers, judging from Hewkii's usage of the Kanohi Garai.