Makuta Linkworm +bonus stuff

“Is it true that we are heading for such an evil goal? Was there not a time when the Brotherhood stood for something?”

“Come, Linkworm. Welcome the blades.”
“It’ll take more than talk to defeat me.”

“Ack! Y-you’ve killed me!”

Other guy:


As usual, Constructively criticize.
Music got kinda messed up while i was editing but i think it’s okay.


Looks like a Mite to me. Hail!


very nice build and i like the torso!


ha ha, funny-
flashbacks to Bat War intensify

thank you. wait is your pfp a ba-
flashbacks to Bat War intensify


The head design looks pretty neat, and I like the way you built this moc. Nice job, only issue is that I think the legs could use more silver.

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What an intelligent, kind looking MOC.

My initial impression on it was very good, but I did notice some things that I think could be improved. The torso has a strangely well fitting design, but I think it sticks out in the back more than necessary. Honestly, I don’t think there’s too much you can do about this as long as you keep the Inika armor as part of the torso, but it could help to put something simple like a bohrok eye in that gap on the waist area.

I like how all the limbs are custom builds, the arms especially look nice. The upper leg seems a little wide in my opinion, fishing around for other parts that could fit there might help. The lower leg is a great frame, and I think you could add more to it with a bit of thought. The one thing I’d suggest now is just to add a 1 x 3 technic beam to cover up those blue pins. It would easily fill the gap there. (You could also use one of those T shapes beams as well)

Nice shield, good head, and like the fingers too.


Nice build

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Your ability to constantly make good looking, interesting and unique builds is always fantastic to me. I love how bulky he looks. I love the unique head design as well.
If I had one bit of feedback it would be on the neck/ shoulder connection. It seems very flat and exposed compared to everything else, maybe it could use some armour at that back part to help the body flow into the neck a bit smoother.
Other than that though this is a really fun build


@Krelikan thanks. I’ll see what i can do with the back.
@Eilrach Thanks!
@Festive-Alucus perhaps another CCBS shell could fill the gap?


That should work well :slight_smile:

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