Makuta Manguopo and Friends

2020 Update-
In case anyone finds this topic again, here's a link to an updated version of Manguopo:

Wow, I wrote this when I was in 8th grade... this takes me back.

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@SwagMeister, @Hutere_The_Toa_of_Air, @BioKnight, New pictures are hear.
Name: Manguopo
Assigned region: An island with no name.
Kanohi: Tatararatapiritanga, great mask of convenience
Status: Dead


They say that the Makuta's soul original purpose was to fill the Mata Nui robot with Rahi. However, nearly all of the Makuta ended up seeking a higher purpose. Manguopo was no exception. However, instead of staging a rebellion like Teridax, Manguopo had a more peaceable goal. He wished to improve upon the design of the matoran. He was inspired to do this when a nearly dead matoran washed ashore on the island he had been residing upon. Manuopo tried to repair him, but sadly failed. He didn't want the young matoran to have died in vain, however, and so he took him apart. He learned all there was to know about matoran, and then said to himself, "No, no, no. This won't do at all." He started to build a new, similar but improved upon being. He christened the species, Paike, which is also what he named the first successfully constructed member of said race. This was one of many, great accomplishments made by Manguopo. Pity that he started life as an unwanted, poorly built, small rushed creation just to hit a deadline. This was, however, the start of his life. You see, when Mata Nui was creating the Makuta, he started to get bored around number eighty seven. He stuck it out to ninety nine, but by then the was practically ready to slap someone in the face (That is, if someone in his visinity had a face large enough for his enormis hand to slap). But since it turns out that Mata Nui is slightly OCD, he needed a round number. What he built was the portrait of hi frustration, something that represented that something so small could bring a being of his power and epic proportions so much trouble. He threw some limbs hear, some wings there, and a random mask yonder. He sort of felt bad for this little makuta, though, and so he gave him a gift. It was empathy, a trait most other makuta lacked. He still didn't really like him, however, but he needed around number, so he kept him. Unfortunately, none of the other makuta liked him much either, so they "assigned him" to a nameless Island in the middle of nowhere. At this point you may think, "how did he build anything then, if he didn't even have a makuta lab?" Well, you know that random mask that his builder gave him? well, it just so happened to be the kanohi Tatararatapiritanga, or the great mask of convenience. He used it's powers to make any part he needed just happen to appear right next to him. He also used it, combined with his transforming ability, to construct his most efficient form that he kept till his death (This also involved the bonding of his mask to his face). But, just as unfortunate as his creation was, so was his destruction. He didn't even know that there was a conflict going on between the makuta and Mata Nui, (Complements of being dragged away by a giant failed rahi experiment, presumably to be eaten, and being presumed dead by the other makuta shortly before Teridax revealed his plan on Destral). After a while the rahi died because the makuta that built him forgot to give him lungs, and after that Manguopo completed an escape that involved a small fish and a can of entrails (Long story). By the time he got back to Destral all the other makuta assumed he knew the plan, so they never explicitly mentioned it, and before he could get answers, he had annoyed the wrong group of makuta. This was when they "assigned" to the island in the middle of nowhere with no name. But he found out when he finally managed to get to Metru Nui just as Teridax completed his takeover. Unfortunately, while Teridax was making his evil speach, and sent a small earth quake, he happened to be standing by an unusually week pillar, which fell and crushed him to death. His last words were as follows: "Well, that explains a lot." He did, however, leave a legacy. He created Ketongu's race, and also the Krakha. He had been inspired by his creator to bestow a gist to each species he built. Ketongu's chose the ability to cure poison. The Krakha chose shape shifting. The Paike chose the ability to use kanohi powers. He even granted his personal assistant, Tata, (his first version of the Paike) the ability of total satisfaction (You see, even though Tata could move an talk and such, he didn't have a large thought capacity, so Manguopo took him under his wing). Many words could describe him; Naive, brilliant, prolific, kind powerfull. But the one I would use would be under appreciated. It really is a pity his life went like it did.

Okay, so if anyone actually read all of that, please let me know if it contradicts any existing cannon so I can fix it.

Side view.

Back view.

Him stroking his chin.

Another picture of Tata (Who's name is actually the Maori word for "almost.")

He can also become a space ship, for some reason.

Tata standing with Paike.

His name comes from the Maori for "improved."

Manguopo in his initial state.

In this form he still where's his kanohi, who's name comes form the Maori for "inexplicable coincidence."

Back view.

Both forms of Manguopo (Who's name comes from the Maori for "dark of night") Standing together.

Okay, so, my opinions on how these guys turned out- Manguopo is pretty much exactly how I wanted him- spindly, a tad creepy, but sort of nice in personality. I'll be honest, I made his "original version" in about twenty minutes because I forgot that he needed a mask. The other guys are pretty much table scraps, although I am satisfied with how both of them came out. It's not the best MOC I've ever made, but I hope it's good enough for the brother hood of Makuta community project @Gilahu.


What even is that Kanohi name?


It's a play on the Maori for "inexplicable coincidence," and making fun of the ridiculous spelling of the Kraahkaan.

Paike looks like he's wearing blue shorts... Groovy!

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He looks interesting, but it is hard for me to tell what Mangupo looks like, because it is black on a dark background

I can't make him out, he's too jumbled and messy to actually find.

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I like how you use Maori words. I actually used some for this screen name. (Not an exact translation, I shaved off a few letters)

Can't really see him properly, some clearer pics would be nice

@SwagMeister @Hutere_The_Toa_of_Air, I do plan on posting better pictures eventually. I want to do them out doors, but when ever I get the chance it seems it's quite over cast. But they will come eventually. I hope.
Oh, also, which Manguopo are you talking about, the little one or the big one?

Honestly, he doesn't look like much and the picture quality doesn't really help.

From what I can make out he's more or less just CCBS bones and such stuff slapped together with as good as nothing added to make him look more substantial.
Ok, you wanted to go for a spindly look, but I personally feel like it doesn't work just with simple CCBS bones and stuff. Perhaps try something with axles and balljoints instead.

Also he could definately use some colour. It doesn't have to be much, but just black is ... meh.

I don't like the first head either. Try to cover up the "mouth" from the head with the mask and use that, if you ask me.

I do appreciate the use of Throwbots - arms, though. But I'm not sure if their use as actual arms for him is the best thing in terms of articulation.

As to the story (yes, I read that):

Mata Nui created the Makuta from a pool of Antidermis on one of the southern islands in the Matoran Universe, so you have to change that. There were also no "left over Makuta parts"

Shapeshifting is a power every Makuta has. (Just saying)

I read what you wrote about this, but I would suggest shortening this name to "Kanohi Pirit" or something. (just a suggestion, not necessary for him to get accepted)

Not exactly a war. The Makuta just wanted to overthrow Mata Nui. Also Manguopo had to know of it - all Makuta where there when Teridax declared the Plan.

His island would have been inside the Great Spirit Robot, so this end wouldn't be possible.

Keetongu, ok. The Shadowed One, no. Big no. The Shadowed One is no Rahi and his species was created by the Great Beings.

But I like the part about him creating his own "Matoran" species (after all, Makuta technically were able to do that).

So, in the end, it comes down to this:

MOC: Needs improvement to be accepted for the project.
Story: Named issues have to be corrected to be accepted.

But you have time to do this, as we're not out of Makuta so far. If you have questions, I'm there to help.

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First off, the MOC will have better pictures hopefully pretty soon. As for the colors, I may add a little more trans red to him if necessary. The articulation even with the Throwbot arms is fine, because it already has three joints. I will change the story to fit cannon. Also, the point is that he was on an island that was above Mata Nui's robot (You know, one that was broken during the rising?) and the whole point is that the other Makuta didn't even realize he was missing at the time that Teridax revealed "The Plan". And, were there any others of the Shadowed One's race in the story? And were there any other ridiculously OP rahi in story that don't have a predefined builder to replace him with?

There's the Zivon.

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Ok, my formulation was probably a little off. What I meant was, that the Throwbots arms are too long in comparison to their own articulation making them look very stiff.

The difficulty here is, that Teridax declared the plan some ten thousands of years prior to the Great Cataclysm.
And if some other island than Voya Nui was detached, then it would have been necessary to return it to its rightful spot before the rising of the Great Spirit Robot, I guess.
A possible sollution would perhaps be something like this: Something happened and he was believed dead - that's why he wasn't on Destral - maybe he was imprisoned in some way and couldn't get out. Then the Great Cataclysm happened and his prison with him in it broke off and ended up on the surface of Aqua Magna. He knew, that this wasn't right, spent the next 1000 years working on a sollution, was able to get the island to sink back where it belonged - and unfortunately died in the process.

I'm not sure of that, but Ancient was from the same homeland as the Shadowed One.

Why does it need to be a rediculously OP Rahi? Anyways, just make up something, no need for canon with just a name.


And the Tahtorak, and the Krakha.

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I find this MOC to be neat. Could use some work, but overall is okay.

Wasn't there a dragon as well? Or do we know who Created that.

P.S I am not talking about the Kardas dragon, I can't remember the Dragons name off the top of my head.

The Tahtorak was created by Miserix

Perhaps the Kanohi Dragon is what you're talking about.


I guess, the backstory does the job now. But the MOC still needs to be improved - you can take your time there, though (at least as long as there are unassigned Makuta left in the Brotherhood Project).
Perhaps wait a few weeks, get some ideas of how to improve and where - and then try out something.

Yes, the pics help a lot. Also the yellow REALLY improves his colour scheme.
Now he does look like something. The legs actually look quiet nice.

There's still much room for improvements in my opinion (perhaps check his story for spelling errors, for example), but I can accept him as a Makuta now.

Thus, he is accepted into the Brotherhood Project. Thanks for participating!

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