makuta moc

hi this is a makuta moc i made to oppose my toa team he was banished from the brother hood because he had air powers along with shadow powers

sorry about the poor quality as always critique is welcome


Nice job, but where are his legs?

he does not have any he lost them in a battle with miserex and kept them a a battle scar and now he just floats along

Some more light in the pictures would help, as it is hard to see the moc itself. From what I can tell:

  1. The colors work well.

  2. The design is good.

  3. I would add legs. Note it doesn’t have to be his original legs, but mabye some robot replacements. If not a stand to hold him up.

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It looks nice, I like how you did the head

The moc seems to have a minotaur vibe going, the wide arms break the proportion and the connection feels poor.

I also don’t like how small the hands are and how does this thing move, does it use the jetpack on his waist to fly around since he has air power?