Makuta (MOV)

A complete re-haul of my previous Makuta MOC. What I tried to do here was capture the feel of Makuta, while putting my own twist on it. I’ve had it together for little while, and I finally got time to take a photo of it.


This is no Mukata without wings. Anyways nice MOC. I like his color scheme and I imagine he has a nice build.

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I disagree.

My problem with this is the severe lack of bulk, he has no muscle mass, it looks weird, I don’t get powerful ruler, I get agile knight, which isn’t a bad, it just isn’t Makuta. Also, the lack of a MoC is certainly detrimental to his appearance.

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Agreed, the color scheme is pretty much the only thing that relates the moc to Makuta… he doesn’t even look really evil tbh

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@Payinku I never really saw Makuta to have lots of bulk and mass. I tried to capture a similar look to Var’s Makuta. This form kind of relies on the power from his mask, which was intentional.

I never thought it looked like a knight, but more like a sorcerer.

@Rockho I agree that it doesn’t look evil, because of the mask I used, which doesn’t necessarily work here.

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