Makuta Notorix

So here's the Nemesis of my self MOC
I just made him, so there's no backstory yet...

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Name: Makuta Notorix
Assigned Region: None
Kanohi: Noble Huna
Status: Dead
Gender: Male

Toa Tupac vs Makuta Notorix aka Notorix B. I. G.

Makuta Notorix and Makuta Teridax



That's one sweet Huna you've got, though in my opinion, the rest is a bit too dark, it's probably just lighting, but regardless, the colour of the mask mesh pretty well with the rest.


I need more images of him. Is he by default a Toa Kaita-like character?

Dang I just took him apart, and no his original form is Toa sized.

I didn't really want his body to be that visible, just a mysterious darkness within a cloak upon which any form/structure can come out of.

Well, it's definately interesting to see all the three Kraahkans on one MOC. The cape suits him and that painted Huna also - looks pretty nice, even though I'm no fan of colouring parts with paint and stuff.

The black Akamai version is, well, a black Akamai with the Huna.

I guess I can live with the pics you gave here for an entry to the Brotherhood project, although I would really appreciate it, if you rebuild him and add a pic of his complete body, but what you really have to do to get him accepted for the project is this:

Either delete the pics showing him as Akamai or give him a story with a reason, why he would use this form/ when he did use that form