Makuta of Vaha Nui Mask Poll

I’ve been thinking about which Kanohi the Makuta of my storyline should use, but I can’t pick which one I want to go with. So, I decided to let you decide! Here are the options:

  • Kanohi Crast, Great Mask of Repulsion
  • Great Mask of Aging
  • Great Mask of Incomprehension
  • Kanohi Tryna, Great Mask of Reanimation

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I look forward to seeing everyone’s input!

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Incomprehension. the least evil of all of these, so it gives you more freedom with the character.


You can’t fight what you can’t conprehend.

The mask doesn’t stop you from thinking, it just scrambles any speech or written text, but it doesn’t work on hand signals.

But it still sounds cool.

Agreed. Though the mask on conjuring is my favorite.