Makuta Phantom (V1)

ok time to reveal my Makuta but this is the V1 and I've nearly finished the second version with a complete overhaul
do me a favor and insult this MOC as much possible even I hate this version

this is the only picture of this abomination
also this thing was made 4 years ago and I only started MOC making then
this is not a joke topic this is just what I built 4 years ago


Only thing I have to say is this:


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I just don't know my moc skills were not as good and I wanted to build a makuta and this ugly thing came out

This had potential, the form is just..... I really have no idea what your original design in your head looked like here.

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I got a better build nearly finished what I thought up

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Not if there's a dead topic devoted to joke/tablescraps

Joke moc topics aren't allowed on the boards. Sorry, @Gearian.

-- Waj