Makuta pyraxus V.2

A lot of you said to nerf Pyraxus or make him look stronger, so I did both, in the story Pyraxus try’s to absorb power from the runix cube, however supernova (a moc I haven’t shown yet) turned the runix cube from positive to negative and instead of giving pyraxus more power, it took away his own power, to compensate for this diarus took him to the planet miakoue (my-ah-koo) to give him lightweight near impenetrable armour.

Previously it took him less than 1% to beat all villains of 2001-2010 now he takes about 2-3% to beat all villains of 2001-2008, he now has a weapon to compensate for his much weaker powers, the spear of eternal blaze, his wings and his arms have also been armoured and he has more gold and spiky stuff on him.

Definitely worth venoms seal of approval if so my self (please don’t make fun of me for saying that).


That’s still pretty OP, but now he looks the part, which is great. He could definitely use some more bulk in the arms (make them longer), the wing thingys, and he could use less bulk in the staff.

However what matters is that you took people’s advice, which is the first step to becoming a better MOCist.

He looks a lot better, still some open ball joints but the chest is cool but some more clear and brighter pictures would be nice, take them where the sun shines in, and up against a white closet door or wall on the floor that is what I do

What I’m getting from this is that you don’t really understand what a balanced character is.
This makes heaven achieved DIO look like hey ya.

The moc is alright, a few too many colors for me, and the shoulders are awkward, the staff is a bit of a mess, but it’s not bad. You should definitely move the gold add-ons on the legs to the shins.


Still don’t like the dragon slenderman four armed beast thing its got going on and it still looks like a basic ccbs figure but it’s getting there.

Also I agree with #Payinku that you don’t understand balance or power at all. There has to be a reason and some kind or restraints or weakness to something so powerful.

My moc Rhaea is in the same boat that she can use any power, fuse them infinitely, and make up new ones. The difference is that she’s a pacifist and when she actually does fight she lowers herself to her opponents level. Also using all at once she could easily wipe the existence of anyone but that would also strip her of all her powers or at worst kill her at the end.

She’s not balanced but this is what I mean; either weaknesses or a reason why they never use full. It’s fine having your mains be that powerful but explain why they are or give them weaknesses to match.

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His weakness is ice and atomic, which all the good guys use in some form of way even though they are individually much weaker than pyraxus, also the front of his neck is a stun spot hit him there and he is paralysed.

Isn’t it a bit convenient that all the heroes have atomic and ice themed powers then? Your godmod is superman and all of them are wielding the kryptonite. Also, If I punched this guy in the throat, he would just keel over?

He has armour protecting his neck and its atomic energy most of the heroes have, few of my characters use ice

So no throat punch?

Maybe :thinking:

So his weakness would be a combination of atomic and ice powers, or would one suffice?

One would suffice yes

Doesn’t that mean that my point about the kryptonite still stands?

Maybe :thinking:

How do you recon that he would defeat all of the Bionicle/Hero Factory villains?

Burn them to the bone :smiling_imp::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

How would you reckon the way the heroes would defeat Pyraxus. Would there be a great loss involved in his defeat? Would they get Burned to the bone? Die trying?

Also. How does the Elemental power of Atomics manifest? Is the hero in question irradiated? Would other characters is his/her vicinity feel adverse affects from this?

Well the heroes would probably have to use the cannon of piracy (weapon that steals energy) to take away all of pyraxus’ power until he dies or use the mask of crystallisation (self Mocs mask) in its diamond form to wipe pyraxus out of existence, however both would require a lot of time, focus and heroes getting their butts kicked into the Precambrian to distract and weaken pyraxus. Also no for the other question :neutral_face:

How would this Mask of crystallization erase Paramus from existence?

I’ve posted a drawing of it check it out also it’s pyraxus not Paramus :laughing: