Makuta Rerekei

Rerekei lived on an island just south of Keetongu’s. The Matoran on the island heard of what other Makuta had been doing, and killed Rerekei in their paranoia. Without Rerekei keeping the island’s Rahi under control, they went rabid and killed the island’s Matoran population.

Ps, if any of the pictures aren’t rightside-up, tell me, I’ve had that problem before.


The pics are upside-down/sideways

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Pictures aren’t quite rightside up. First 2 are upside down, the rest are all rotated 90 degrees.

First thing that stuck out to me was the colours. The dark blue and white are an awesome combination. Kinda hard to tell, but is there regular blue in there as well?
I do love the MOCs large clawed arms, as well as it having a second set of regular arms. Using the Metrutoran arms to make that happen was a cool idea.
Good build!

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Looks cool.

Say, do you know how to fix something like that? I’ve been having the same problem as well recently.

:musical_note: dancin’ on the ceilin’

This looks a lot too much like a toa for me to call it a Makuta.

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Yeah, you’ll have to fix the pictures in order for the MOC to get accepted.

That said - this is so much better than the first version. The new shoulders help a lot at making the MOC look more interesting and the torso is far better now, too.

The “lower” shoulders stick out a little much in my opinion, though.

As to the backstory - you should probably add the fact that Rerekei didn’t like what the Brotherhood had become and - full of shame - didn’t even fight back when the Matoran came for her.
Also the fact aside that no island south of Keetongu’s island is part of the “known” Universe - I’ve been working on a map showing all the regions assigned to Makuta and there actually are no islands left. You’d have to settle for a region on the Northern continent or on the Southern continent.

Fix the pictures and the backstory and I’ll accept Rerekei.

The first two are upside down, and the rest are sideways and squished.

Pretty cool moc though.

Are they fixed now?

The first two pictures are still upside down, the others are fine now.

Also don’t forget the backstory :wink: (Her region can only be on the Southern continent now)

Rerekei lived in the Southern Continent. When the Brotherhood began its…reformation, so to speak, she disagreed with the direction in which it was going, however, she wasn’t fool enough to voice her opinions to the other Makuta directly. The Matoran in her area heard of what other Makuta had been doing, and killed Rerekei in their paranoia. She went without a fight, reasoning it would be a better end than whatever the other Makuta would have had in store for her. Without Rerekei keeping the local Rahi under control, they became wild and hunted after one another and the Matoran alike. Legend persists, however, that the Matoran who stabbed the final blow against Rerekei still lives to this day, wandering the ruins with Rerekei’s mask of intangibility strapped to the end of a staff, talking to it as if it were the Makuta who once wore it.

Yup, backstory works now - although a mask of Intagibility is kinda pointless for a Makuta, since all Makuta have the popwer of Density Control which does pretty much the same.

The first two pictures are still upside down, though.

I know, the mask is mostly for uniquity, I can’t seem to fix the first two pictures.

Nah, well, everything can be seen on the other pictures anyway…

Thanks for participating, then! MOC accepted.