Makuta Sada


Using feet as Hands

Ya, I was looking for a large hand piece and found those feet pieces. Lol

Its a good idea
I once used Mata feet as gauntlets

It's not unheard of.

I like the tan color scheme, but the lack of a mask bugs me.


er....he's white

Sada means white in some language lol

Behold! Makuta Domo!

Not bad! Very odd build. Very LEGO, with the blockier head and cleaner lines and all... not sure if it's a bit too wierd to work, but yeah. The use of the purple rib part is neat.


He's interesting. I'm not too sure about the block head, and maybe find some claws to use instead of those feet, but everything else looks fine.

This guy is really cool looking. The colours are great, and while I don't thin the head is fitting of a Makuta, it looks really cool. Good job! :smile:

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