Makuta Spectrax - Undead Ruler

(More headcannon)
landing on the island of Arah-Nui in a similar twist of fate to that of the protoa, a being known as Spectrax came to rise 2 years before protoa's arrival on the island.
similar to how artakha had prototypes for his own being teridax had his own plans, a new makuta who could control those who are no longer living, a being of comparable to the master of shadows himself.
using the newly forged Akingi (ah-king-eye), mask of death makuta fused it to the body of a matoran and imbued the body with dark power to bring it to life. upon coming to life the energy was sucked out of the body and into the mask where it was stored. even the makuta was afraid of the immense power this mask could hold, or take.
he took the mask and entrusted a crow-like rahi to take the mask to the ocean to ensure it remained lost, forever. the mask floated for thousands of years before reaching the island. once on the shore it was founds by an unsuspecting ko-matoran who was coersed into placing the mask on with promises of power.
the ko-matoran once known as kuspec was now the newest being of evil to don the name Makuta. he took over ko-arah and began to rule the arah's with the threat of becoming one of his un-dead legionaries, beings created when the Akingi takes the life from a victim. he has reigned uncontested for 2 years but that will soon change with the arrival of the protoa.

so here he is and with the bio out of the way here is spectrax another story moc, designed to be a powerful looking but still skeletal lord of the undead, his colours are based on the matoran he was born from that being a ko-matoran

the weapon he weilds is know to his victims as the talon, it is placed into the heartlight shaft of victims where their life is drained and replaced with the inhuman force that wills them to do Spectrax' bidding.

standard clawed hands.

anyway as usual comments and constructive criticism are wanted. thanks for checking my moc out.

oh and for anyone wandering here is an internal torso shot.


Not half bad.


It looks more like a hf moc than a bionicle one, but that a side I really like this thing

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i get your point, the idea was that the mask forged a new body using the existing organic matter, in turn this created a smooth new primarily organic body

Oh, that makes sense

he did actually start life as a hf villain moc though, he was originally called permafrost

This looks neat. I just don't like the orange on the back. It sticks out a lot.

lack of white body shells
not the type i wanted

Could youcreplace it with a black torso shell or design?

no more black either

The third joint in the arms look pretty awkward, and theres not really that good of color distribution, I guess thats cause of lack of parts.

nah i just wanted him to look cold and pretty monochromatic

I'm a big CCBS guy, so I love the build. It's great how you expanded the size of the character just by adding a few extra bones as a frame on the regular torso.

But the highlight for me is definitely the signature weapon. It's a really cool idea executed very well.

Overall this MOC is a total win.

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thanks for the kind words. he was an experiment to see how i could expand a torso with my current limit on ccbs. the weapon was actually a story afterthought XD

Odd proportions, but not a bad build.

thanks hes a mutant so i tried to make him look human but a bit distorted

This has such a surprisingly suave look for a Makuta.

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Hahaha thanks

I like how the libs have 3 sections instead of the standard 2

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It's not a custom torso?