Makuta Spiras (Spear-Us)

What if there was a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta kept out of the records because of his pure insanity? Sent to the depths of the pit and was mutated like the others who dwell there. Escaped and was then left on his own drained of all his power. Outcasted by the other Makuta and shunned for his ability to see the future through visions. He was removed from the brotherhood because he described a vision in which The Makuta (Controlling the Mata-Nui robot) would be beaten by having his head crushed between his opponent and a planet. This illogical prediction was the cause of his label of insanity.


This moc looks rather incomplete tbh, it also seems to use majority of 2009 set pieces.

The color scheme resemble Tuma (it’s not that bad), the thigh have a noticeable gap, and the waist is thin (unless your going for a slender look).

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I thoroughly applaud the name, dude.

It’s a cool concept, but the moc seems kind of incomplete. Maybe try and fill some of the gaps?

Will do

When I build my MOCs I try to build them in a way that makes them seem like actual sets which is part of why this set has some of the problems mentioned like the hips or the gaps.

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