Makuta Sylok the banished one v2

So here’s v2 of Sylok after my last post about him i hated his design so i just redid everything so new he has a lot more room to move around.

Seeing as he was a scientist I made him a bio-mechanical rahi that doubles as his wings it also had a detachable rocket pod to aid in its combat

I am very bad with custom limbs but his torso is complete custom I would love help for arm and leg design though


One criticism I would like to give is that there are too many colors IMO. Otherwise good build.

What parts of him have to much would you say

I’d say remove the normal red on the legs and the trans-neon orange.

The rahi is cool, and the build is neat. Mabey art some armor where you can on the back, or extend the rahi connections and armor the back.

You might want to consider taking better pictures as well. I also think he could use some beefing in the right spots. Rahi is cool tho ^^

If you are on about his limbs I can’t make custom ones so i just used ccbs if you have any advice on how to beef him up I would gladly appropriate it

I was more referring to his torso. From the back its evident one can see straight trough it at some places. So covering the back would go a long way of making the moc feel much more cohesive.

Ok thanks for the let know that along with his colour scheme are the main things I’m working on right now