Makuta Teridax - Emperor of Terror

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Weapon: Gold Shadow Lance


Cool shots:



Size comparisons:

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Element of Shadow
Terror-a mental ability that strikes fear into those who look into his eyes if he so chooses.
Super strength
Light resistance
Incredibly durable armor protecting antidermas core.
Extra control over shadow due to mask of shadows.


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I think this is a really nice MOC. Maybe do something with those legs… they look a little awkard to me, but in rest, great job

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Thanks man!

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The thumbs look odd, but this is my favourite moc you’ve built.

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Agreed about the thumbs

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Changed the titled
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

This is a very nice moc! I like it! The only things I dislike are the hands. Ugh…

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Which version do you like better?

I don’t know. Both are cool.

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-Nice solid build
-I like the proportions
-Clever idea with the thumbs, although on open hands they look a little odd
Thank you for sharing the MOC with us!

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This is most definitely an improvement, though as with all things, there are always ways to improve. I’ll just go through my overall thoughts and critique as I do. Brace for a bit of a wall of text :stuck_out_tongue:

Right off the bat, I would like to say that I enjoy this custom torso. It is a little long which makes the lower part of the ccbs torso in the middle look a bit weird, but the length is something I’ll get into in a minute. The shaping around the shoulder area is especially solid. Simple, granted, but sometimes that’s all you need - just look at some of BlackboltJohnson’s stuff. The covering on the legs is admirable, but the Chima shell plating and skull warrior armor doesn’t flow the greatest. I most definitely prefer the Kraahkan over the Mask of Control purely because compounding so much gold in that one area does not look that good at all. The upper body and that mask actually work really well together to help make this look more cohesive. Moving on, I can see that height was definitely a priority in this MOC (especially due to the triple-jointed legs for added length) - and the limbs suffer for it. I want to preface this by saying that there’s nothing wrong with tall MOCs, or large MOCs in general. However, when building one for a character like this, the legs (and the body, to a lesser extent) need to be filled out so as not to look comically spindly. This is further heightened by the legs’ triple joints. Meanwhile the arms on both this, and Brutaka as well (whom you seem to have been inspired by) suffer from a different problem (though you actually have improved on it by having the upper arms flow into the torso better and the forearms at least kind of look a little shorter? I don’t know, hard to tell). They’re quite simple. Such long, basic bones just kinda bother me, though a lot of MOCs seem to manage this okay by just keeping them shorter.

As a side-note, I feel as though that spear would look better with the Tahu secondary swords fanned out to the sides to add some width to the blade - they just look odd as they do now (granted the alternative would also live a big hole in the middle, but that can be filled out).

Finally, to top the actual build of the MOC off in the weirdest way possible: the hands and feet. The feet are rather simple, and just the two claws look a bit weird, though I’m not sure what much else can be done without just using different feet :stuck_out_tongue:
The hands are okay enough, but those thumbs, as previously mentioned, look odd. They look far too large, and add to the effect of the oversized hands which additionally accentuates to the thinness of the limbs.

There is one last thing though that I would like to cover: that colorscheme. Again, clear Brutaka inspiration here in the blocking and so forth, but just black and gold is a really bizarre combination, and the inconsistent hints of gunmetal grey make that worse still. It really needs some kind of regular color to work as an accent: I would suggest Metru red, but that would basically require swapping out a bunch of parts more than anything else…

Overall, I do enjoy how this looks. Just a lot of room for improvement.

No ratings, putting a number to an opinion is pretty much just guesswork :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well thanks for the input! Though I do have to say I prefer the mask of control over the mask of shadows.

Me: #Kakhaan4life

I Think it looks much beter with the mask of shadows

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Nah, Kraakhan will always be better (Not that I’m biased because it’s my favourite bionicle mask or anything…).