Makuta Teridax : Revamp

Makuta Teridax was my first titan, and recently I decided to revamp him, any critique is welcome, but I'm finished with this moc(I've sunk enough parts into it). it's based on both the original figure and the movie version plus my own touches, anyway all I want to add is that I love Kamen Rider S.I.C. figures, so my mocs usually have the same over-detailed, super-accented look(while still being accurate to the original design, if it's a revamp).

not much to say here, just a good picture to start on.

the biggest thing I tried to do is get the colors and details in the right places.

you can see the super-accented part, huge shoulders and staff, also, I managed to get the red in the abdomen, and the hose in the chest.

the legs look skinnier here than they do irl, but this shot shows of the coat-tails I added to him.

a closer look at how the arms are attached to the main body,using bohrok head pieces, it's hard to see, but the core torso is actually a hordika body, which holds everything together really well

this is actually a really solid upper arm, despite the ball-joint in it, and yes 2 shoulder joints for posability

I personally really like the design of the foot, from the movie version, but the spikes on the back are facing downward, like the figure, he also has the hunch of the movie version.

and there's a shot of the torso with the side armour pulled back, to show more of the construction, and yes that is the avohkii as a chestplate, it has a really interesting look, almost like jaws.

and this is the staff by itself, with a tiny hero as size comparison, the blade is almost a third the length of the staff.

"sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep toa"


anyway, tell me what you think, and what you would have done differently.


It's a cool shape, but the colors are really cluttered.


the colors don't look as bad in person, they blend together a lot better.
I tried to get the colors in the same places as the original,
I may take off the purple spikes though, kinda unneeded.

shoulders look too wide, right hand a little odd. I like the arms, though, and the purple spikes are a nice touch IMO.



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The shoulders were meant to be wide, a little less than that, but then he wouldn't be able to move his arms, so sacrifices.

the hands are mirrored, it looks awkward because of how he's holding the staff in the thumb, which i could fix with a quick rig under his hand, but when he's posed with it in both hands it's not that noticeable, and like I said I've sunk enough parts into it already.

I think the arms are one of the best parts, and they'd look good on other characters with some color/parts swapping, like brutaka, not that I can make a brutaka... I can't find his mask...

and I like the spikes too, as a nod to his new design, and because black and purple look great together.

The thumb's too big compared to the other fingers.

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Ya I was originally going to use silver bohrok teeth, but couldn't find any.

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His shoulders are to broad.

He has a mix matched color scheme.

His legs are disproportionately small.

Otherwise, it's pretty solid.

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The color scheme (minus the purple) is the same as the 03 set,
his proportions are meant to be off, but I can see why people could complain.


The spikes would work if there was more purple on the MOC, but without any other purple, they look out of place.
Other than that, awesome revamp! Looks intimidating as heck

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fitting considering the character.

as for the spikes

Amazing. Good work. This looks very good.

If you could find the spikes in red it would be AMAZING.

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As a fellow SIC fan. I like it. It's a cool build.

I wish I had them in red, but I don't have any red spikes at all(here's hoping the new mixels have some, i think they're great for parts. more people should use the eyes for mocs).


Awesome build! Looks a bit like the Teridax from the original game (His bulkiness). As you already stated I would personally take off the purple spikes and replace them with black (or red) ones.

My biggest problem with this MOC is how the red and purple accents contrast so jarringly. Have you tried using just one?

since, yeah, the purple is gone.

going to miss it though, good times,
(*goes into long montage of moments with purple spikes.)

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Clearly Makuta has fused with Magneto.