Makuta Teridax, Shadow Titan

Hi all, UnJaguk here!

This is my quadrillionth version of Teridax (at least it seems like it). I wanted to build him with my new titan skeleton design, and make him mostly black/gunmetal. The gold highlights in the head and hammer are to help make the color scheme more interesting, and because I don’t have an actual Kraahkan laying around. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.





plain black is boring, get another colour please

I like the MOC in general. My only problem is probably that the torso is a little too long. But still a good MOC.

Too long torso, I’d add more gold, other than that, nice MOC

There are only like ten gold pieces.

Could be posed a little better and there’s barely any gold on it besides the head and weapon.


The point is to have very little gold

You have to either add more gold or remove it completely

What @Toa_Radrix said.

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