Makuta teridax wip

I originally got the makuta set secondhand as a kid (missing his head and mask. Well while organizing I tried to rebuild him but I couldn't find the hip joints so I just found more parts and decided to revamp him in 2003 set style, not movie or combo models.
So far everything is my design while sticking to the idea of the original.
I'll admit though I just found the head on google and it looked cool with the mask so that ones copied off someone else. I forgot who but it's not mine.
The tubes on his arms can attach to the shoulder supports to stabilize Poses. the only reason the supports are there is becuase they're too heavy for one ball joint. All the containers (what are those things called?) can open too. New joints include ankles, knees, and shoulders.


It looks fantastic! I hope you find a way to cover the open ball joints at the hips, and make his torso!

@JMP I'd argue against covering those - they were left uncovered on the original after all. They're kinda part of his look.


This is looking amazing so far, great job! :smile:

Aside from the shoulders looking a bit bulky, which I imagine will be fixed somehow in the final product, this looks like a good moc thus far, and certainly has a teridax of 2003 vibe.

Yeah. I just ordered a used set off anazon so if I can I'll use the rakshi covers to kinda "slide" over the shoulder joints. As for the torso I have to wait becuase as you can see with the foot and one shoukder I didn't find all the peices. And one the torsos done I'll try to even out the size of his shoulders. As for the exposed ball joints I might just use a simple red hand if I cover those up.

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