Makuta Terribad MOC

He began as a joke on the Never-Ending Eljay Fanfic... now he's a MOC! WITH SHREDDER CLAWS! AND A STINGER TAIL!

The name's Makuta TERRIBAD, henceforth, all cons are irrelevant.

Here he is, standing up straight, as opposed to the pose he was doing earlier.

Obligatory side view.

Obligatory back view.
Here he is doing the Kyoryuger dance!


Alright, so does that mean Terribad's official canon mask the Thornraxx head?



It's the Kanohi Axthron, mask of failure. It makes the wearer suck at doing anything.


-10/10 terribad


"Now watch out becouse he has SHREDDER CLAWS!"

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And face his stinger tail!

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Kyoryu, I think we're gonna be great friends, you and I.

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Yah! I shall get Ruby and Weiss! That is- if they were real!

cris evrytiem

This should be canon.

Sadly, I never got Thornraxx...

But maybe I can make a "Sterling Silver" Makuta Terribad, now that his mask is established

Guys, don't go off topic here... we're talking about Makuta Terribad

Alright, then! Sooo that mask, tho..., for my Sterling Silver version, I think I'll be able to keep the Stinger Tail, and the Shredder Claws, but not the Pakari Shoulders.

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Yeah, I have like 4 silver Pakaris for some reason. 2 on Terribad, one painted blue for a placeholder for Takua, and an extra one to put on a Toa canister, if I ever get one. You see, I got all the Toa Mata, but without canisters.

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Those aren't shredder claws.

Close enough.

That Weiss is now my PC avatar

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He is so terribad (in a good way).

Update 1: The wings and legs
I changed the legs, and added posability to the wings. Also, just like Horribad, the wings can be stored.

Now, he is Terriworse than ever before!

Dem legs.

Now, the wings and stinger tail open and close!

Back view.
What do you guys think?