Makuta; The Beast of Corruption

“It is said that if one if given too much power, they become corrupted… Covered up in darkness”

Hey Builders! Sorry I’ve been gone a while with my last post being Elimus.
I was actually working on this guy… and well… OMG HOW CARELESS AM I!!!
I build my Makuta, rested for a few days, then I doped out and forgot to photograph him and now its too late… well… um… CRAP!

Anyways heres pictures…

Makuta was a challenge to make mainly sense I don’t have many purple and gold parts, so I decided to instead of waiting for a Bricklink order, I just used what I had on hand at the time.

Im pretty satisfied with the overall appearance of him, but Im not really too happy with the arms, but I had to sacrifice the look of them for a hand gimmick ill show later on.

Action Pose!

Here are his legs. I actually like them a lot! I think it looks pretty cool with the claw feet Toa Nuva chest piece being a knee pad.

I absolutely adore his chest. It looks mechanical but still has this organic look to it. I like the chains and tubes jutting out of him. I think my favorite part of it is the Rahkshi head as a crotch piece. It just looks good to me.

Like i said, the arms aren’t too great, but his gear function is fun! The function is by turning the whole hand, the claws open and close. I imagine this being used to clutch onto masks and ripping them off and then crushing them in-between his hands, crumpling it to dust.

This is once again one of my favorite parts, the head! I based it off of a bull head and then I just gave it GIANT horns. In my opinion I could just put this on a bull and it would probably look fine. Actually let me do that…


Heres his weapon.

Heres his other weapon.

And a final shot of me and Makuta. (Huh? I’m dabbing? What I thought that all the cool kids like to dab?)

Thanks for Veiwing! I Made this guy to look like he had control over all the elements, including shadow and darkness. Hope you guys like him!!!


It just looks way too messy. The colours are everywhere, there’s no consistent textures, and the limbs aren’t built too well. Also, kind of a nitpick, but the camera/photography isn’t the best. Overall,



My camera is actually broken so I’m just using my computers webcam…

This thing is way too cluttered and messy.

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Well, I suggest working on this MoC, and take pictures when it’s fixed. I look forward to seeing it! :slight_smile:

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Well that could be a problem sense i already destroyed him for more MOCs sense he took up most of my parts count but I actually plan on making a new Makuta just to have for my upcoming YouTube stop motion series. Thanks for the encouragement though!

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It seems you’ve fallen for the first (and worst) possible mistake.
“Don’t get cocky kid.”

There’s no coherence to this MOC, as mentioned by others. The textures, designs, and colors all lack any uniformity or semblance of an overall design. Also, the mask has absolutely no face, so take that one as you will.


Basically this. I couldn’t agree more.

Also… your dabbing reminded me of this.

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