Makuta the Bringer of Despair

My entry for the Rebrick makuta contest.

Using the power of his forbidden mask, Makuta fused various masks to his own body and created this new body. Now Makuta is ready to take over Okoto!

Rebrick Link here


Love that custom mask.


This is incredible! Always love seeing custom heads, and the design of the armour is awesome. I think this has a really strong chance of being one of the three tier one winners! Great job :smiley:


Looks at it

Nope, no Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann here! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


With that thin middle in contrast to the rather broad hips and shoulders the overall appearance at first glance is rather meh in my opinion.

However once you get a closer look... great armoring, great detail, ingenious head design and I really like that Mask of Control behind those purple flames.


That custom head is so amazing! I love how it looks like his body is made up of the heads of monsters. Of all the monster heads, the shoulder pads are the best to me.

How's his stability and possibility? It looks aight from what you've showed us.

reminds me alot of ds2 Smelter Demon

The custom head is awesome!

And I love the multiple mouths going around him.

It also kinda reminds me of nightmare fredbear

not really


The styling of the armor is very creative, as is the way you stored the Mask of Control and the custom head design. Good job!

i love this moc i especially love the waist and shoulder

This is awesome on so many levels.

This is freaking awesome one so many levels.

So... it's Nightmare from FNaF4 i bionicle?

Definitely brings me despair...knowing that I won't be winning the contest :sweat: This is too amazing

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oh god, it's the anti-spiral.

time to call in Tengen Toppa Gurren Ekimu.


"Makuta the Bringer of Despair"

who does he bring despair to? The other contestants?

*Cries in the corner *

Nice work dude, I love all the mini "heads" across the body. best of luck.

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That head is fantastic, and the faces on his legs add a level of creepiness

That's looks awesome!

I want to build this now...

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