Makuta the Corrupted beast. (Makuta contest entry)

My entry, I forgot to upload it here when i originally took the pics hehe.

After a thousand years of isolation makuta is back, more ruthless and corrupted than ever before!


he is cool and all, but what does that have to do with makuta?


I love the aesthetic you have going on for him, it works out really really well!
And that tongue :ok_hand: It just adds a whole new demonic feel to him.

Well, I guess it WAS to build Makuta how the creator wanted him to look.

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Man this is REAL cool. Good luck on the results of the conetst!

Two words.

Nightmare. Fuel.

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This is legitimately scary. Like, nightmare fuel, no sleep tonight level.

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Very creative idea, and the execution is superb. I just really dig the design of his face.


Holy crap, this is pretty dang cool.
“I like dis” - Heavyweapons Guy

Edit, just one question. How do those hands work? I’m very confused

Two studs attaches to the small slips of old hands, not super sturdy though and they will fall out if you push on the in the wrong way

I just tried it… that is pretty interesting, but (maybe it was just the hand I had) extremely unstable. I simply had to flip it upsided down, give it a tiny shake, and they fell out.

Still, very intuitive. I really like it.

This guy actally looks really creepy and menacing. Awesome moc you’ve build there!

Hey look. It’s a nightmare makuta Gunman

Yeah haha, that’s not the only thing that’s unstable on makooti, if you squeeze him just slightly too hard the torso will explode lmao

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Well, I assumed this moc wasn’t for playability. Lots of loose connections (tusks, the arm connections, etc). Still, that’s not really a con. I don’t think that matters in the rebrick contest.

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I love how solid this guy looks; there’s almost no gaps to be found anywhere and the shaping of the body is exquisite. Definitely stands out among the enormous list of other ‘dark lord’ style Makuta contest entries that’ve come through these boards, too. Really cool.

Halloween Makuta confirmed.

Jokes aside, this MOC is amazing.
I don’t have any problems with it.

the tongue is cool btw

your creation reminded of this demon from naruto shippudden: blood prison… and I love it hahaha

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Straight outta Lovecraft.

Or some weird Japanese stuff.

Either way i love it.


It really reminds me of something.

Like, it is exactly something I have seen before.

I really don’t know…