Makuta - The Faceless Nosferatu

Greetings people! Today i would like to introduce you my new lego Bionicle creation! This is Makuta! There is no story behind this guy unfortunatelly, but i may think about it in the future and may even write a small book about his adventures, but we shall see. Right now this is a villain, who uses his Staff of Nightmares to control mindes of his opponents. He does have a mask, but there is no face on it, which represents night, just like night he is all dark and black. If he wants to travel faster or make ,Death from Above’’ strike, than he can use his wings of ,Black Blood’’ Since he is a Nosferatu, he also can drink blood, but not a normal blood, a ,Black Blood’’ , this blood can only be found in the mountains of Henya. (Yeap, right now i think i have already started thinking about his story :slight_smile: ) He does also come with a mechanism on the back to increase his play ability. Ok, so write down what you think, hope you enjoyed! Until next time!


Pretty sweet Moc!

2 days late man, spoopy season is over :stuck_out_tongue:
The moc is pretty cool nonetheless, some rough edges need to be smoothed out though, notably the shins and feet

not bad use of the Great Ruru.

althought, may i ask, why does he have 2 shining fingers avohkiis?

Because that looks cool) and i wanted to give him that classic Teridax 2003 figure look.

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but why the shining versions, is what i’m asking.

Because i had two of them and i just thought they looked pretty amazing.

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Aside from the “flipped mask helmet thing” technique, which I’m never a fan of, I really like how the MOC turned out! The entire body seems to be a very solid design.

An often-seen character gets a surprisingly new design here; the cape and gears are a nice touch on the whole figure, which has no shortage of ornateness.

Bonus points for using the term “Nosferatu.”

This is awesome! I love the gears on the back!



This Makuta design have some influence from other sets and it’s cluttered, mainly the legs.

You added a gear function! Ven would like that.

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