Makuta - The Last Knight need help :)

Hey people.
Today i want to show you my verison of Makuta.
I am pretty satisfied with this build accept one thing!
Shoulders ! :smiley: maaan i really dont like them so if anyone of you have any ideas please let me know :slight_smile:
And for the name … i am just soo pumped for new Transformers movie haha.


this is awesome. I think the armpit area seems a bit weird since there is a big gap between the body and arms. The only other nitpick I have are the blue skullspiders on the legs. Silver would look much better.

Indeed ! I just waiting for silver skullspiders from bricklink.I forgot mention that :slight_smile:


Widen upper arms and your set

I think it looks fantastic as is, and I don’t really see a problem with the shoulders. My one complaint would be that it kinda looks like it has a shrunken head… you may need a custom build to fit that massive body.

This is awesome! Despite the many differing textures, the shaping and colour blocking smooths things out a lot! Did you enter this in the contest? If you did, that’s definitely going in the top six :clap:

What piece is that above the kulta’s head It looks like it’s made to hod a zamor sphere.

it’s the least cluttered and best looking MOC you have made
so that’s something

that’s really all I got but this is a 10/10

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Nice work!

The black, gold and gunmetal color-scheme flows pretty well here, and he looks buff without a major T-body. The only big complaint would be the kinda skinny upper arms.

Overall, 9/10

That head does not work on this MOC. G2 heads are small to begin with and slapping it onto a needlessly oversized MOC just makes it look like he’s the victim of some voodoo ritual.

Otherwise, the arms are completely disproportionate but the rest has a nice level of bulk, although my ever-present complaint with large designs has of course, not vanished. In fact on this MOC I dare set it’s more present due to how overly bulked it is.

Best example I can compare it to is Shadowgear’s Sovereign and to be honest there isn’t really a comparison to be made. Completely different leagues.

If it makes you happy though, hey, go for it.

I will say though, the hands are quite nice. Interesting to see that part used as a hand.


Why is it needlessly oversized?

size does not equal to higher quality. Rather, unless you’re great, it could lead to a messier or worse off moc

Because it’s oversized. Without needing to be.

It’s a little bit self-explanatory. Big MOCs don’t impress me. I don’t care if your design is three feet tall, if it looks bad I’m going to call it out for that. I’m not saying this looks completely bad, I’m saying it looks cluttered because the size prevents basic armor from being all that useful for anything other than detail work.

Case in point: Sovereign
Despite being so large this MOC is on a quality of design equal to all of Shadowgear’s smaller MOCs. It looks smooth, cohesive, and very planned out. Nothing looks out of place, slapped on, unintentional or compromised. This is a level of quality I strive to one day have in my own scale.

My apologies if I sound harsh. as per usual, it’s only critique.


While I would love to help you improve the shoulder connection, I don’t get a good look at it from the pictures you provided us with.