Makuta, the Mistress of Doom

The Mistress of Doom is a female Makuta, she is knows across the MU as a bringer of death and destruction. Years before Teridax’s takeover of the Brotherhood The Mistress of Doom (her real name was never known by anyone but herself) went rouge and ravaged the landscapes of the Southern Continent with a legion of Rahkshi and her own powers. SHe wears no mask but carries a protosteel staff as a symbol of superiority, and has tripple protosteel blades on her wrists along with protosteel claws for fingurs.


man, she must be really lucky to have a man like this.


Get you a man that can do both.

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The picture angle are not clear but the figure is relativity simple build and the shoulder are way too far apart. I’m not too fond with the colors scheme also.

It’s rogue.

The torso build is decent enough, but it could to with more armour on the limbs, and swapping out that random blue technic beam on the back.

@ItalianMustache Oh my Goodness xD

@Timeline15 Yeah, it has problems, but solving them is kind of hard with the limited amount of parts I have, but I’m working on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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