Makuta the Serpent of Okoto

This is my entry to the Makuta Challenge. This serpent was inspired by Jormungandr and Quetzalcoatl. Before commenting, please, read this : I understand that this form may not meet your expectations of what you may think Makuta should look, but I thought it would be nice to make something else for a change.

(click to view the gallery)

Feel free to ask questions! Thank you!


The MOC is really freaking AMAZING
but it just doesn’t work as a makuta MOC imo


This looks amazing, but I believe you have to post a picture of the entire moc.

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It’s absolutely awesome, but as @Ghosty mentioned I really don’t see any connection to Makuta besides the gold.


I mean there is no disputing that this moc is great, but like you’re probably expecting to hear it doesn’t have anything about it that screams Makuta. Good job though!


I’ve said this on the entry, but this looks too heroic to be a makuta.

It’s a good moc, but not a makuta in the slightest.

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I think the only issue I have with it is that the body actually looks too short considering how big that glorious head is

What are those weird rubber stringy things at the ends of the mouth?


I was also wondering about them

I actually think they said custom bits like that aren’t allowed in the contest…

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Thank you guys, but actually I’d like to hear why do you think this is not a Makuta. Gen 1 Teridax had many forms, and there were other Makuta that had various shapes like Miserix. Why can’t Gen 2 Makuta be something else aside from a humanoid?

Rocko, those are the rubber things from Mindstorms.
TolerantAxe97, yeah, but I was out of pieces anyway. The whole thing is about 1.5 metres long.


i really love this. the head looks so solid and organic. nice work! :thumbsup:



WAIT guys i’m sorry. Those pink pieces are the Clikits bracelets.


Don’t get me wrong I love this, and you are right by saying that Makuta can take many forms and maybe one day he decided to get out of bed as a giant sea serpent but I have to agree with Sammy in the sense that the colour scheme used does make it seem a heroic character and doesn’t provide the evil characteristics associated with Makuta. But like I said on the actual entry, if you could swap out some of those colours for darker ones such as purple or maybe even a bit of black it would really help. :slight_smile: Ps: I know many real life sea serpent have very vibrant colours and that is most likely where you drew your inspiration from. It totally works, but maybe not so much for a Makuta


It’s not really a matter of not being humanoid, but more so the lack of resemblance to anything regarding his previous forms besides gold.


Well, the color scheme was the only one I could afford. :slight_smile:
But i think it suits him fine. Quetzalcoatl is known for vivid colours too, and since gen 2 is basically based on aztec/mayan culture i thought that such version of Makuta would be fine too.

no worries haha :slight_smile: I personally think its fine regardless, and having just seen pictures of what an Quetzalcoatl looks like I clearly see the resemblance :smiley:


I think all of the Toa would simply die because of it’s awesomeness. I do have to agree with everyone else though, because this doesn’t have a Makutoa vibe to it. It’s just a dragon. A big, giant humongous one that will end your life.


This is a fantastic MOC. Everything from the shaping, to the way you used certain parts is spot on.

Also, don’t get me wrong, this is an absolutely incredible MOC, my only issue is with the relevance to Makuta. Other than that, amazing work :slight_smile: