Makuta Tridax's Kanohi?

Apologies if this question has already been asked. (I haven’t found any other topics covering my question.) It is said that Makuta Tridax wore an Olmak although he did not wear it regularly. Was there ever plans to decide what his primary Kanohi would have been? And if so, which would it have been? Thanks.


I remember that there was a poll on BZpower, which gave to Tridax the Mask of Aging iirc, it was the same which gave to Icarax the Mask of Vulture, and to Kojol another mask… I don’t remember what happened with the results, but only Icarax’s Kanohi was canonized, and the rest were either lost or chose not to be canon.

Would have been the Story Squad.
This post reports on Icarax’s mask:

If it was contemporary, then likely Tridax’s and Kojol’s masks were rejected.

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