Makuta/Vahi/Voriki Overview and Thoughts [Worldbuilding]

Hey guys. I just listened to the newest episode of Brainstorm and wanted to give a few responses that could possibly fill some holes that came up in the discussion. I’ll run down the list of key points from the episode and give my thoughts after each one.

  1. Makuta gets sealed in the volcano, near the Vako nests.
  • It doesn’t make sense to have the Rahkshi as the cause of the Vako events, since they don’t know where Makuta is buried.

  • Makuta may not have his mask powers in there, but his elemental powers are still faintly there. Some of his shadow energy could be what sparks the Vako to go crazy. (or his “Great Being” energy, if shadow isn’t a thing in G3)

  1. The Toa collect the Mask of Time fragments and unfreeze the island and Makuta.
  • This brought up an issue with how Karzahni gets revived. I say that Makuta is not revived from the mask itself. The mask only undoes the mistake that the Rahkshi made (as the undo button for the Brothers).

  • The mask isn’t what sealed Makuta in the first place, so it wouldn’t unseal him either. Instead, the Toa gather together in a certain place (the volcano?) to use the mask. Their Toa energies (Nuva symbols?) gathering in this place cause a reaction that brings Makuta back. Since he was originally sealed by a team of Toa, then the energies from a new Toa team are what undo it.

  • Karzahni can now be revived accidently when the Toa undo a collapsed ancient city with the mask, or whatever the original pitch was.

  1. Makuta begins searching for his mask, while the Rahkshi plague the Toa and villages.
  • The Mask of Control slowly guides Makuta across the island, and he could manipulate a few Matoran along the way to push the war forward.

  • Eventually, he is led off the island to the storm region that was the cause of his great battle with Ekimu. Upon arriving, he finds all the villagers are dead. He makes his way into a labyrinth and comes across a lone survivor. Voriki.

  • Voriki is still a Matoran at this point, and killed her tribe after the Mask of Control slowly got to her.

  • Makuta sees this freshly sculpted mind for him to play with and decides to use her. He knows of the current Toa, and wants them dead for sealing him away all those centuries ago.

  • Since he had trouble fighting Toa in the past, he will just have to make his own Toa to do the job for him. This would go against his “no sentient life” belief, but it’s the only way. He grants power to Voriki, turning her into a Synthetic Toa.

  • In the past, I’ve pitched for Makuta to give her the Mask of Emulation. This ability will let her copy an opponent’s abilities for a brief period of time (losing one ability when copying another). I still believe this mask to be fitting, since Makuta wants Voriki to fight like the Toa in order to beat them. This mask is not a “Physical Augmentation” power like the other masks, because it’s Makuta who is making it (a synthetic mask for a synthetic Toa). It also fits the “evil green ranger” role (a new character who uses the same powers, but for evil).

  • I imagine the whole scene with meeting Voriki would be the last few minutes of the final episode, and we don’t actually see Voriki as a Toa. We just see Makuta speaking to someone and saying “my Toa”, before the episode ends.

  1. Doesn’t Makuta’s dead body, like his mask, influences minds? I thought it was established that way so Turahk could start the brotherhood.

  2. I really like the idea of the Toa undoing the original Toas’ Toa seal.
    A little nitpick I have with the casts’ explanation of the Mask of Time: The Mask of Time should work like a pause/unpause rather than undo because undo creates a paradox when associated with time.

  3. I think since there is a entire lightning village, there should be a lightning elemental god (Nuva) that was created by Karzahni. I say this because the idea of Voriki being a Synthetic Toa means that when Makuta is killed, she will lose her “Toa” statis (a Toa’s power is directly linked to a source).

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  1. They adjusted it to be that the Mask of Control itself does the manipulating. So the brotherhood could get started due to the Mask calling for followers to revive its wearer.

  2. I’m not familiar enough with time-themed stories to know how to properly use it, so I’ll let them decide that.

  3. Would it be a bad thing to have Voriki loose her Toa powers? It would be the same as the Green Ranger in MMPR. When his power coin was used up, he lost his powers. Then they gave him new powers as an excuse to bring him back onto the team (fan favorite).

Voriki could come back when the Toa get their “Toa Nuva” style upgrade, and be an official Toa thanks to whatever power gave the Nuva upgrade. So if Ekimu gives that upgrade, like they speculated in the episode, then he could “create” a new Toa power for her, with a new mask power that reflects her new role as a real Toa.

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  1. I thought they kept the proximity thing though?

  2. Very true, actually I like it better that way. :+1:
    Would this mean she is a dark Toa until Makuta is dead? May be something else for the cast to decide.

Maybe after all her emulation of the “good” Toa, she starts to break free from the corruption. It could fall into that whole “dark side” of an element that was discussed for the Rahkshi. If you do enough good with the element, it purifies back to the proper element. Weather this means lightning is a corruption of light like they mentioned once, is possible, but I think just saying it’s an effect of her mask power could work just as well.

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This can actually be explored, as it with a lot of villains. Stories are often opposite ideas fighting at their core. The evil one, being the bad idea/ideology. To hammer this point in further, writers use hypocrisy to explain that the goal of the bad guys can never be achieved, as even they have to break their own rules.
In this context it is the bad ideology of sentience being a burden/bad thing. This is constintly disproven, by Makuta needing help from these sentient beings (Rakshi, Voriki, etc.)

The rest of your list is very well done, you keep impressing me. Thank you.