Makuta Vira, Queen of the Storm

Vira is the last Makuta Known to still exist in the Untold Tale universe

With her knowledge of her ancestors she was able to recreate the staff of fusion

She isn’t called the Queen of the Storm for nothing, Vira has the ability to summon any Storm Beast

Hoped you Enjoyed!


Ooh, a G2 female makuta?
With links to g1?
Anyway, I would’ve liked it if you maybe used some dark blue pieces to tie her in with storm beast more, but it’s a good MOC.

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The part with the staff links to G1
I need to get an extra storm beast I ran out of metru blue pieces

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Though it kinda looks a bit clunky and awkaward at some parts, I think that works in its favour, making it look creepier and demented

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