Makuta Vita. Makuta of absorption. New yellow parts on chest.

This is one of my oldest Bionicle moc’s that have evolved over the years I when I first built them. Originally he was black silver and gold as the old Olmak was gold back then didn’t exist in any other color and I did not know of 3D printing. His original mask is made of a PLA plastic that is biodegradable and dust and dirt can destroy it so I had to upgrade it to a resin mask. Mask was made by an Etsy seller that makes some very cool bionicle stuff. Such as custom painted masks 'created masks LED brainstocks and more. His store name is Drifting FarandWide. Story: Vati was created for purposes unknown at the beginning. The great beings were creating some of the first of the Makuta and after makuta Miserix’s creation a great being that knew these beings could become more powerful than any of the inhabitants of the bionicle universe. He created a being from pure protodermis that represented the Makuta except for the exception of his body and armor can absorb elemental energy mask powers psychic abilities in a certain radius of that said being. Once he adapts his body to this new element his body will gain an immunity to the next attack making him ever stronger. His blade is like the power lance except he can charge any type of elemental energy through the blade and increase the effects of elements poison acid and more. Vita is the only one who can spew out lights and shadow energy at the same time giving him the ability to use shadow and light equally. Thus making him a Makuta of twilight. Vita is also came in contact with the mask of life and was cursed by the mask but instead of just becoming any regular guardian. This would make him have to do the will of the ignika and wipe out the Bionicle universe of all life.

Major inspirations for this character are God of War for the sword and chain, the predator for appearance and arm blades, The transformable wings are inspired by the first vampire in the underworld movies Markus Corvinus giving him the ability to use his wings like blades for further reach including other uses. Lower wings or for gliding purposes.

The last one is a side by side showing off the biggest Toa compared to Vita.


Whoa! This may be your best character yet! I love those wings. They’re the first ones I’ve seen that use the System hydraulics. Overall, this guy has a great body shape, and a nice balance between the thick upper body and the thinner legs. The mask is just perfect! The Brotherhood Olmak looks amazing in yellow and black.


i love it


I love the inky-web look on the mask. Great job overall.


So there’s some new Technic parts on this moc on the wing’s and now the model itself is looking more finished.

Hope you all enjoy this :grin::+1:


I recently got the John Deere technic set and I mainly wanted it for these yellow Spike pieces. I updated some little bits as well but they’re not as noticeable as the main one.

Hope you all it. :grin::+1:


Ooh nice! That looks great! I love the wings.


That looks so good! I love the wings and the head!