Makuta Voryn, Reality Twister (My new Self-M.O.C.)

Hello everyone, Un’Jaguk here!
This is Makuta Voryn, Reality Twister, my new (and secondary) Self-M.O.C. He wears the mask of Reality Alteration (yes I know it’s the Metru mask of Earth but this is my continuity). It’s not as overpowered as it sounds, as it can’t rewrite the rules of reality, simply bend them a little bit. This usually manifests as mutating rahi species, though it’s not limited to that. He’s the main villain of my Ralqii “storyline”. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.

“Teridax is merely a tool, an instrument in my plan. I’ll let him pretend he runs this world, however, until I have sufficient power to destroy him.”





Looks good, but I liked Unjaguk.

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Thank you, but the rest of the community unfortunately didn’t, and I needed a breath of fresh air as it is. I like having a less humanoid self-M.O.C.


You do you

It is cool, the colors pop.

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Thank you


I much prefer this to the previous character. the color blocking and layering are a lot better, and the shapes/proportions are much more dynamic as well. It’s gappy in places but otherwise, I think you’ve outdone yourself. :ok_hand:


I like the whole half spider half humanoid look

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