Makuta Voryn, Reality Twister, V2

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!

This is Voryn after bending reality a bit. The first time was very minor and only changed the native rahi a little, but after he killed Teridax (that’s right this guy KILLED TERIDAX) he bent reality again, making larger changes and opening inter-dimensional rifts. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.

“Now that the shadow titan is dead, I can continue my agenda in peace.”





I do like the thought of adding green, but it doesn’t stand out from the dark and doesn’t look good with the white. It need something more noticeable.

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There should be more white

A great size for a Makuta but the arms and torso feel a little lacking, the white colour going down to the spider torso is a good detail but I feel like he’d be better holding a staff or something.