MakutaFest 2016 Moc: Audrey III

Here’s my entry. “Feed me, Eljay”


That tongue is spot on.

I love this almost entirely because of that quote. Although, it did need more "e"s.

“Feeeeeeed me, Eljay”

But the thing itself is cool too. I just can’t see all of it.

Thanks, it’s my first good MOC. The other side is not very camera friendly.

Cool, that’s a terrific usage of the IFB cocoon pieces and the tongue is a nice touch.

I love how weird it is.

The trans green pieces in the mouth are very creative. Great job!

Great work. For being your first good moc, its really well done. Though it does have its flaws.The random trans-green pieces that are just sticking out are rather off-putting, and I feel that if this was made a a more experienced mocest, the mouth could have been made a bit better. But for what it is, the circumstances in which it was made in, this mean green mother from outer-space gets a 9/10 from me.

I like it. Seems like saliva

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I could see that if they where a bit shorter. But they’re just too long and too strait.

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Fair enough.

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