Makuta's sentry

First, I know it's dumb name but this is just test MOC so I didn't make a backstory for him...
So, I wanted to try out how easy is LEGO Designer job smiley I used whole CCBS build with exception of one Inika torso piece... I took some inspiration of HF sets and this took me about 15 minutes (counting time I was finding parts). It's not serious, just test as I stated above. But feel free to share your thoughts.

Normal pose:


Skelet front:

Skelet back:

I'm surprised how easy is the work of LEGO designer smiley


Realy cool Moc, are the feet from Bionicle 2015?

Those feet are also available in Hero factory: Invasion from Below, and the Nindroid Mechdragon from Ninjago

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They are actually from Flyer Beast.

I like this one quite a bit more than your last one. Nice work! =D

Previous one was my first try for custum build upper legs and upper arms, this one is older and it was supposed to be my self MOC which I would build tomorrow.

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Other then the lack of lateral bicep movement and waist articulation, this' pretty good and solid

Wait when did I become Nyran?

And... In white form Sir Fangar, and in gold from.. That lion form chima (i know you USA ppl did not get those awsome sets >:D), also Its preety good moc!


Exacly, im forgeting those names... Havent had them since my childhood CoughBionicleCough

Generic, but not bad. Maybe a second color to break up the monotonous black.

It was supposed to be all-black...

intentional monotony is still monotony.

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cool I want it

It's alright for a test moc.