Makuta's victory

Hey guys! This is just a a sketch I did while I was a bit bored.

A bit of information on this sketch. Before anyone points it out, I know what the mask of ultimate power looks like, but I just thought it looked cooler with the fire. I actually experimented with a bit of shading on this. It is something that I don’t really use that often, even thought I should. The hardest part of this entire drawing was actually the mask of creation. You can’t tell from this picture, but my sketchbook is kind of small, so it was hard to do the mask of creation at this scale. Also, I tweaked the design of the mask of control a bit. To me, it looked like the original had a frown on the spike near the mouth part of the mask (let me know if anyone else noticed this).

I just got rid of this entirely. Also, I made the horns a bit bigger. Let me know if you guys like this and if you want me to make more stuff like this or what you would like to see next! I will choose one suggestion.


Looks cool, but it would’ve been cooler if he was, like, holding a broken Toa mask.

I guess, but I was just going by the logic that he wanted the masks of power, but I might add that and repost it.

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This is cool.
Makuta looks a little slim, though XD.

Very menacing.


I’d say keep the two current Masks but add all six Toa masks on the ground, lying broken around his feet >:3


I like that idea! Sort of like Kulta in the animations. What versions of the masks do you think I should use, 2015 or 2016?

Given the character probably 2016, but with the rocky-ish textures on the 2016 masks it might be easier to use 2015.

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I would probably do 2016.