Mal Kohr-Uptorr

A dark being who absorbs the life force of his enemies, taking on their powers and to some degree, their appearance. In this case, we can see that Gali has fallen before his might. And in doing so, has paid the ultimate price.

Before life absorption:

After devouring the essence of Gali:


I think this looks pretty good. The thighs seems a bit too thin, however.


The arms burn my eyes!

Pretty cool, except the lower legs look strange, and the thighs are too thin. The arms are cool. all in all coolio/10


Thanks for the feedback. The lower legs are probably my favorite part though - I took them directly from Umarak, but with black pins swapped for the ugly blue ones and some other armor.

I see several comments about the thin thighs. Compared to a Toa, they do look strange. But this guy is an alien monster, so humanoid proportions don’t apply. I think it gives him more of animated look, like a Ben 10 villain or something.


I really like his torso. Just fits in so well.

However, on the subject of thin thighs, the animated look is dropped if the transition between the big leg and the small thigh isn’t there.

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Thanks! The torso is straight up Onua, gear box intact and everything.

am i the only one who think this is what the creatures look like!

and can it steal any other elements if so can you take pics of it.


Yes sir. I’m going to mess around with a Lewa and Kopaka absorption. I’ll post them here.


The moc is pretty good, I guess, but the photography is consummatus. (It’s Latin)

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I looked it up. Great compliment! Thanks. I find that even the most craptacular of my MOCs can look halfway decent with brightly lit photos. And this iPhone 5 is nearly 5 years old at this point lol.


This looks really cool. Everything works here!

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it’s great sir! Especially the first form!

It’s MrBoltTron/10.

that hand design is

I love it.

The thighs are a bit thin though.


I really like the first one. How did you get the creature head to stay on?

This looks awesome, but the thighs look too small for the rest of the MOC.

I got to say this looks great.
Interesting weapon by the way.

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I’m gonna have to use that thigh design.

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That’s quite spectacular, I must say. Also, amazingly consistent color scheme as well!

I might need to steal that color scheme :wink: