Mal Kohr-Uptorr

As I said on flickr when you originally posted this

Wow… This looks amazing, at least from a color stand point. The Azure and Trans-Yellow look really good together, and the black offsets them well, helping them to stand out. The head design is also creative and fitting.

Also really nice use of the Onua Torso/gearbox. At first glance I didn’t notice it was basically just onua 2015’s design, with additions here and there.

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Thanks. Yup, you’re right it really is just Onua’s body with different limbs. I love Umarak’s lower legs because of the “Achilles tendon” style design. So I stole the legs and slapped 'em on here.

Good, but the arms are WAY too bright. Seriously add some silver in there (and maybe even some black).

But they’re glowing with powerrrrrr!!!

I hope this doesn’t offend you… I think this looks like Onua, a Makuta, and a Chicken combined. And if this does… No offense

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I like it, looks very unique.

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This is really cool! He actually reminds me of Gigabyte from ReBoot.

I bet he has this voice.



“I kollekt your essense.”


surprisingly nice helmet combination with the tryna and beast head

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Oooh, I like this guy! Very sleek design and the concept is terrific! This guy should be an official Bionicle villain. It could work!


it looks like a reeboot of the exo toa but it looks really good

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