Maleko Self-MOCs

I decided to make both a Matoran and a Toa for my self-moc. Maleko the Matoran is a guard from the fire village and Toa Maleko is a wandering Toa. Toa Maleko was created when Matoran Maleko was patrolling nearby lava farms (assuming those exist in Okoto). When Skull Spiders attacked Maleko and left him beaten to near-death, a sudden lightning bolt brings him back to life and gives him a new form. Toa Maleko wanders Okoto with amnesia and help the villagers any way he can, only to dissappear afterwards. He is known as a Toa of Fire.


These MoCs look great but it would have been cool if the Toa had retained some of the matorans colors. Like I said though, good MoCs!

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Really neat! However, I think that the Toa might look better if you removed the gold and replaced it with silver, if possible.

Keep up the great work!

From the pics provided they look pretty good but you should post more pics. Such as one where half the toa isn't being covered by the shield stuck_out_tongue

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Your wish has been granted.


Sorry for double-posting. I updated my moc now that I have the summer sets.

After being transformed, Maleko finds an abandoned forge in the Jungle Region. There, he finds an odd-looking mask and decides to wear it (since his other mask was taken by the fire villagers who thought he was dead) and find out what power it had. The mask was named the Mask of Ethereality after he found out that using the mask makes him look like a ghost and allows him to walk through walls. He can't be hurt by anything while using the mask, but can't hurt anything either. Maleko uses the forge to learn how to make weapons and armor, but also tries to learn how to make masks. He practices at the forge and sometimes goes out to get materials. He uses the Mask of Ethereality in an attempt to not be seen by anyone. Villagers who see him, however, come back to their village telling stories of a ghost who wanders the land. Maleko does his best to make sure the forge isn't attacked. These updated pictures show him when he prepares to go to the Ancient City himself, since he has heard so much about it from the villagers. Sorry for the long post, I wanted Maleko to have more of a backstory.


definitely fix the color layering on him, otherwise, I like it.

I would fix the layering on the arms, as the gold armor looks rather nice.


So change the color? I tried red, but it didn't look right to me. If I had a darker red I could use that.

What's that tube around his neck? It looks like some kind of underwater breatheing device.

no, no, see how the armor on the legs is silver with gold on the outside?
and then how the arms are gold with silver on the outside?
that's what I mean by the color layering.
it should match.

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It's supposed to be a necklace, also Thanks for explain the layering, Payinku, I'll work on it.
Edit: I changed a few things, including the weapon.

It's been a while since I updated my Moc. Maleko has a new look to fit with the 2016 sets we've gotten recently.

The sword was meant to be like a tribal Mayan/Aztec "sword", but with blades instead of obsidian stones. The second weapon is a mace-like weapon with the armor pieces as hand-guards. He also has some of braided wires (which are not meant to be his hair) to act as a decoration to his armor.

Nope, I can't say I like the new version. The Orange bits definitely do not fit, ant the whole neck area looks gappy. The armor pieces don't flow like the previous version. Overall too many things are happening design-wise. Returning to August's model and not worrying about adding things is your best bet. Sorry.

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Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to find a way to make the armor flow a bit smoother and less gappy and see how it looks with the trans-orange. I added the orange to get a little more of a Toa of fire look, but I guess it can work with just black and grey.

Also, the thing with Maleko is that he crafts all kinds of armor, the materials for which he gathers from fallen enemies. With these new pieces, I wanted to see how he would use them to make new armor outfits. I'll keep trying with these new pieces since the last model is already done and saved (in case I do want to rebuild it). Besides, nothing wrong with experimenting different designs.

Ok, I made him a bit more cohesive and less clunky and overdone. I had a good design for wings, but putting them in Maleko would probably not be wise, so I left them out.

Now that I think about it, I 'll probably put the wings on a creature he could have, like a Thunderbird.

Edit: I changed the back of Maleko because I had an idea, but before I say more, here is Maleko:

So my idea is that there are lesser creatures (and more of one kind) that aren't embodiments of elements but have passive elemental powers. These creatures inspired one of the first written languages of Okoto and runes representing these animals were used to describe an element. For example, here, I have a mix between a Thunderbird and Quetzalcoatl that I call a "Yurai Bird": This bird has Electric/Lightning elemental powers, which inspired the rune for lightning: Maleko's default back armor represents the rune of fire itself, but is not a creature: Maleko can combine with these creatures to unlock their full potential and use their elemental power: With Maleko's default back armor at least, the armor can take the shape of the rune, allowing Maleko to use solar power to perform Nova Blasts, channel improved elemental power through weapons, and surround Maleko in elemental aura.

Sorry for long edit, I hope you guys enjoy.

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