Malice 2016 moc
This is a character I created 10 years ago, each incarnation gets better, I've unfortunately lost the original MOC photos from '05 however, I hope this more than makes up for that loss. He's the tallest bionicle I've made, this incarnation stands surprisingly well despite his height and weight. His character over the years has also evolved, from my original idea to make him an evil galactic overlord, to a legendary divine entity who has saved the universe many times. Please like my MOC Facebook page, and post your thoughts on my creations!

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Dang it. You ruined my find something to criticize streak.

Wait. Not enough pictures!


I'm new to this site and I wasn't sure how to upload pictures yet haha, please visit my Facebook page for more pictures and other mocs!


So much "rigs" from the Exo-Force arms (hate it more on the leg thigh), but the moc is still cool.


To be honest, I ordered way to many exo force arms on bricklinck and I needed to use them up haha. I hope you enjoy the MOC.

This MOC leaves me completely speechless. Between the creative usage of parts, the size, the quality of the build, the awesome sword design, and great design in general, everything about this MOC is great! :smile:


Thank you very much!


10/10 would buy.

Seriously this guy is amazing, and the size is insane.


wouldn't this be in lego creations? Anyways great moc, I love it


I honestly don't know what to say, the execution of this MOC is very well done, my favorite part being the design of his legs and feet



I mean, I know big mocs aren't so great and tend to be messy but

this is a beauty in a way

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This is incredible. Everything flows really well. I really do like that sword. :smile:

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Very impressive. Even more so when you consider the scale, you evaded a lot of traps that Big MOCs face. I like pretty much everything but some of my favorites would be the sword and how you dispersed the Exo-Force arm-rings all over the MOC.


It's....... it's perfect.........


That sir is incredible, i'd personally like to see more of your mocs in the future!

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This has really been well thought out.

The pieces just go really well together.

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10/10 I would totally buy this set if it was a set. I love the design, I love the sword, I love the creative use of parts, I love the size, i love everything about this MOC.

I want to post a GIF so bad for this thing, but I don't have any good enough for this MOC. But hey that's just an opinion, A lot of peoples opinions.

I hope to be as good as you one day.

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■■■■... is that your old MOC Olmak ? O.o

Nevermind.. he is fantastic.. and something I would definitely buy if I would find him in a store.

I love the fact that he has moveble eyebrows. xD

Thats sad to hear.. but I guess I will only be good for him. :frowning:
I just though that it was Omak also has Exo Force arms on his legs and arms (no if I remember right they were only on his legs right ?).

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@MakutaKirakh Thank you, no its not actually! I still have omak on my shelf, but I'm going to rebuild him, he's got floppy knees these days :frowning:

Yeah just on the lower legs, dinobot style lol

Just an example of motion on malice

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Looks awesome. One of the best titans I've seen on the boards.

That sword is fantastic.