Malum Re-vamp

So what’s the general feeling of the fanbase for Malum? I wasn’t paying attention to Bionicle back then. But I saw a pic somewhere recently and loved those claws. Decided I needed to get him, and found a complete set on BL for like $8.00.

He’s one of the best old-gen sets IMO. But I couldn’t resist re-vamping him with various color swaps, additional armor, and claw mods. What do you guys think, improvement over the original?


Definitely an improvement. I like that there’s some black accenting on the model, and it surprisingly evens out with the rest of the color scheme. Overall a good piece.

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I mean the moc is alright, but his name is Malum not Mallum.

I kinda like the black that you added though.

Edited title for clarity- Not Legomaster


Thanks for the correction. I’ll fix it now.

@MataNui101 Thanks! The original had dark gray, which was really good as-is. But I think the black contrasts a lot better and gives him a more aggressive look. Almost like a charred Jack-o-lantern or something.

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Very nice. He looks angry.

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Indeed. I guessed that in the lore he is an evil character. Is that right?

The black does fit very well

Yep. He’s a psychopathic ex-gladiator that was exiled for being too brutal for society and not respecting the rules of the arena. In his exile, he ended up running across a tribe of Vorox… He eventually defeated their leader and became their king.

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Cool backstory. Thanks for summarizing it for me. I think this look goes pretty well with that backstory.

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This version of Malum looks a lot nicer to me than the original 2009 set.

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very nice

In a way, I feel like the colors are more jumbled than normal. Not in the colorscheme but more of the color distribution in general. Nevertheless this is a pretty snazzy Malum here. Brings me back.

Looking nice!

[quote=“BlackboltJohnson, post:1, topic:19697, full:true”]
and found a complete set on BL for like $8.00.
[/quote]How and why.

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It looks great! But, why no Thornax Launcher?

Love this! He looks like such a waste-lander, it fits so well!

Malum used a cordak blaster.

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What do you mean? Have you ever checked out Bricklink? It’s a literal treasure trove of awesomeness for Bionicle fans.

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He looks very cool. Nice job