Man Rodi Sheru HG Custom (1/144 Scale Gundam)

I really didn’t like the default colors, so I went downright 80’s with them…

Weapons storage!

With weapon:

Given that I repurposed this as an aquatic Mobile Suit, I have a swimming pose, because why not?

That’s all there is to it, I didn’t bother painting the sword because I’m not a huge fan of it. This is my first completed full on color pallet change via spray paint, and I’m pretty happy with it (no matter how awful the spray job may be).

Also, for anyone interested, this is what the kit (if assembled by a professional modeler) would have looked like before:

If anyone’s got advice on how to improve my skills for the future, I’m open to constructive criticism!


I like it, but I’m serious, your pictures are way too hd.
They seriously mess with my loading speed.
But the pictures are spectacular XP.

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computers ftw

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it’s a blue froggo


dang dude this is good


Noice. Any tips for beginners?

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don’t rush like I do

Make sure you buy proper modelers paint. Spray paint from a hardware store may work, but not always. Also be sure to prime and topcoat for a protective finish. Also, don’t go cheap. Price, when it comes to modeling tools, is often indicative of quality. I may make several tutorial videos in the future, but this as about as good I can do without writing an essay of a post, hope this helps!

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Thanks Joe. I’ve been meaning to build and paint one of these for a while.

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