Anyone else here a fan of the Rock/Rap artist Manafest? I discovered him over the summer and managed to see him live this past week:

Here’s some of his most well-known tracks:


I’ve gotten into their music. Sure there might be bland bits, but it’s nice music

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Any favourites?

This Moment, Criminal, No Plan B, Renagade, and Bull in a China Shop…


Oh hey this is the guy who is all over my spotify radio station. Don’t get me wrong I like his music but I just can’t listen to it in large quantities.


Huh. He’s got some songs I can’t get enough of, like:

Though some of his other songs are kinda “meh” at times.


He’s ok. I like Diamonds a lot though. I’m a huge fan of the guy featured on that song’s band.


Diamonds is sweet. And somebody should really make a TFK topic…

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I’m on it…


Manafest recently released a new single. What do y’all think of it?

It’s a pretty good power anthem IMO.

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He also released a few vlogs that share a theme with the song.

In fact he has a very active YT in comparison to other artists. (skillet where have you been?).

I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of Manafest songs on spotify recently.

There are a few songs I just can’t get into (namely his older straight hip hop stuff).

For the most part however they are pretty enjoyable.

In particular I’m enjoying Top of The World, 4-3-2-1, Bounce, Avalance, and the Fighter, Moment, and Live Albums.

Manafest also wrote a book called “Fighter: five keys to conquering fear and reaching your dreams”. It’s pretty inspirational. (You can find the full audio on his spotify page).

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