Manta Bionicle

Manta ray bionicle

It has poseability

Here it is upside down

It's based off of this,

A manta ray

Thanks for checking out my MOC and hope you liked it!


Tail is a bit too long and open socket on tail is urking to say the least
Hiwever the body is creative and i think it is a decent representation of the creature
For help i would recomend that the tail be a blade piece

It looks more like a scorpion than a manta ray IMO. Unless you find some way to make fins, It will continue being a scorpion.


Soooo, Mantax's rugrat days?


Mantax didn't grow up as a manta ray but ok

I like the Moc. Simple, but portrays the wide silhouette fairly well. For improvements, i'd angle the blades outwards for a more wing-like look, and the tail should be skinnier

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Looks alright.

Simple but effective.

It's kinda cute.

I just realized that I for got to add fins!

It's simple, but I kinda like it. Happy to hear that you're adding fins, because this doesn't look very ray-like.