What is this supposed to be? A mantis based rahi? A villian?

Anyways, it looks more or less fine from the front, but the back is bad. Try giving some back armor to it. Also, try adding some eyes.


A Rahi

Ok. Then maybe try making it less humaniod. Add some extra limbs, mess with the posture.

Well at least the legs are different

Yeah, but it’d help really drive in the animal idea if you messed wih it more. Maybe give it a severe hunchback look?

Hmmm maybe, but I would need a custom torso.

Well your ccbs Mocs are getting better

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This is good progress. I think starting to use the chicken legs is a sign of advancing, so keep it up. Maybe try some more arms though, I think that’d be pretty cool!

I’m not really sure what this MOC is, but Id definitely say it’s an improvement on the other ones you’ve made. Colors are more consistent I kind of get the Rahi aspect. The back needs to be fixed though and a more unique torso would help as well.