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So a long time ago, I played MapleStory. Basically since it began, and I loved it all the time <3
In recent years, however, my family has owned only Macs, so I haven't played in a while, but I wanted to know:
Has anyone else here played it? What's your favorite class, town, or music track? How did you get into it?

I hate maplestory (no offence) its controls like crap and it is so laggy and convoluted not to mention to fighting is bland. For all I care it can die in a fire,but I'm glad that you found enjoyment out of it. smile

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Psh. You should see the sequel, it looks like it took everything good in MapleStory, and replaced it with Facebook.

I had two friends that were really into it. They tried to pull me in too but I wasn't really hooked cause I suck at RPG's especially with a keyboard. Otherwise it at least looked cool.

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